About Me

Hi my name is Joe Wolfe. I am a UX Developer, designer, photographer, rock climber, American Ninja Warrior, and all around awesome person!

The Ohio Years

My very humble beginnings began in the small city of Lima, OH. I grew up there doing the things Ohio people do which include:

  • Loving Ohio State Football
  • Doing the milk challenge (drinking a gallon of milk as fast as you can - it took me 16 minutes)
  • Bonfires and making random things explode
  • Snowboarding on fake mountains
After graduating high school and attending two years of college I decided to take my talents elsewhere. I left my family, friends, and girlfriend to seek out new adventures in Tempe, Arizona and to finish off my college degree.

The Arizona Years

Although I never loved Arizona I had a lot of good experiences there. I got my bachelors degree at the University of Advancing Technology. I made a bunch of amazing friends. I got my first opportunities in the web industry which enabled me to make enough money to start traveling. I found my love for travel in Arizona. While living there I traveled the entire west coast and went overseas for the first time. While in Arizona I was able to go to Japan, China, and New Zealand!

I also found a few of my passions while living in Arizona. I discovered rock climbing and I started doing improv. These two interest would help me later become an American Ninja Warrior contestant. Rock climbing gave me the strength to be a credible contestant while improv helped me have enough character to be selected as a competitor!

After 7 and a half years of bouncing around the east valley of Arizona and building my resume to impressive levels I decided to ;eave and try some place new with greater opportunities!

Puget Sound

I am now a resident of the Puget Sound area. I have been fulfilling various web industry contracts. The situation has been good because my time between contracts have been used to travel. I have only lived in Washington for two years but I have been able go to new destinations in the US and to nine countries in western Europe!

I frequently rock climb at The Seattle Bouldering Project where my strength and climbing ability has increased tenfold! This bolstered my confidence and turned me into the cocky, arrogant monster you have seen in my American Ninja Warrior submission video. If you ever go to SPB, I'm the guy wearing a headband who is cleary better than!

On March 31st, 2014 I competed in the American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifier.